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If you're looking for a thick, rich, full bodied, flavor forward hot sauce, we've got you covered. 

The Pepper Endeavor, its hot sauce re-imagined.

Gift Boxes now available

The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys not only heat and spice but also flavor, and loads of it! This kit contains one each of our Honey Habanero, Tropic Heat and Flaming Jalapeño Blend hot sauces.

For the true hot sauce lover!

Three pack of Pepper Endeavor Hot Sauces

Flaming Jalepeño Blend

This s#!t's hot folks, come on man!

Flaming Jalepeño Blend has its roots in a more traditional hot sauce than our other flavors. More vinegar and key lime juice give this sauce a nice tangy start that may bring out the Cajun in you. Back that up with the flavor and heat combination of red jalepeño and red habanero peppers and you have yourself one great sauce. Not a joke!

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Honey Habanero

It's a kick in the ass!

Honey Habanero is our signature sauce. I started making it as a hobby 10 years ago but wasn't ready to produce it on a larger scale until now. This is a sauce for the masses as it is not too hot. It is front loaded with flavor and sweetness from the honey and then the habaneros kick in but not too much. This is a good low to medium heat sauce sure to delight.

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Tropic Heat

There's a storm a brewing mon!

Tropic Heat is a medium hot, fruity blend of pineapple, mango, key lime and habanero peppers among other things that is sure to remind you of the islands. Blended to a smooth, creamy consistency, this sauce brings that Tropic Heat to seafood really well but it definitely is good on anything.

Pick some up today and take an impromptu trip to the Caribbean but be careful, there is a storm a brewin mon.

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Enjoy the flavorful world of The Pepper Endeavor with ease.
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The Pepper Endeavor delivers to its customers, high quality, great tasting, spicy products with company wide sustainability and regenerative farming practices as top priority. Beautifully uncomplicated.

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