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About The Purveyor

Portrait of the founder of The Pepper Endeavor

Tom Burke, Tombanero to his friends, gave up the glitzy and glamorous life of lighting celebrities as a Gaffer in the movie industry to pursue his passions for a good woman, good food, a good bourbon and a good horse… but not necessarily in that order! A move from the big city to the mountains of north GA did the trick on all counts.Tom grew up in a small town and for decades longed to get back to one. Being a gentleman farmer suits his interests well and the result, The Pepper Endeavor's sauces are now available for everyone to enjoy.


For years Tom has been making home made hot sauces with home grown ingredients to the delight of his family and friends, many of whom begged him to go into business with it. The timing never seemed right to give up his successful career in the movies so the idea was put on hold. Meeting the right woman with a shared desire to live more simply was the spark needed to make ThePepper Endeavor a reality.

The Pepper Endeavor's products are made with the freshest local ingredients from organic producers as much as possible with no added preservatives, colors, flavors, thickeners, emulsifiers, nothing! Many new sauces and snacks will be introduced in the very near future, try them all and we’re certain you’ll become a customer for life.


In the words of one of my favorite celebrity chefs Francis Mallmann, “growth comes from living on the edge of uncertainty”. With that in mind don’t be too comfortable, take chances, otherwise your life will be safe, expedient and thin. Share a good meal with friends, break out a good bourbon or bottle of wine and be sure to have plenty of The Pepper Endeavor's hot sauce on hand to heat things up. Feel the lift from the capsaicin and see where the conversation goes. 

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