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The Pepper Endeavor's First Retailer!!

So exciting, I just received my product, finally, one week ago today after much delay ostensibly due to supply chain and labor issues. I have managed to sell a couple dozen bottles to friends and family but I know it will take a while to build a client base outside of that. Today The Pepper Endeavor got a nice boost when the first retailer I approached, Sunrise Grocery in Blairsville Ga took a case of our signature Honey Habanero.

Sunrise is a 100 year general store that has been in the Clemmons family for about 40 years. It stills retains it's original character and focuses on locally made products. Blairsville, a mountain town not far from my home in Morganton GA, is known for it's outdoor opportunities with lakes, rivers, trails, water falls, state parks and, of course the Appalachian trail.

I'm so glad to have them on my team, hopefully it will be a long and fruitful relationship.

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