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Two Weeks In and We are Sold out.....

Well, we are off to a great start, only 11 business days in and we have sold out of product. Maybe that's a good thing, I have gained 5 lbs eating in every restaurant in town so that I could get some good product shots and instagram fodder. It certainly is not a good thing for business but we are expecting our next batch to be delivered any moment now.

I've learned a lot about how the local/small retail industry works and the people I'm dealing with have all been great. There was that one guy though who basically told me to piss off. We live in North GA, in the tri state area including TN and NC. We now have retail representation in all three states and growing. Thanks to those stores... Cashiers Farmers Market in Cashiers NC, The Nomad Market in Morganton GA, Sunrise Grocery in Blairsville GA, The Fat Raccoon Gallery in Copper Hill TN and Coopers Creek Store in Suches GA. No one here in Blue Ridge yet but working hard at it.

I have to say that it feels good to provide a completely natural, healthy food product that is getting great reviews and we will strive to become 100% organic as soon as possible. Until then take solace in the small batch, craft product that is completely GA Grown. We will be coming out with our second recipe, Jersey Girl, very soon so stay tuned.

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